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Previous Written Exam Topics and Pass Marks

The Next Teaching session will be on December 1st at 9am.
The theme will be: Festive CRQs and an afternoon in pain ...
You can attend in person [Anaesthetic Seminar Room at UH] or via Zoom.


Reversal of Neuromuscular Block (MCQs) - Dr Minich
Damage Control Surgery - Dr Jessel
Management of Patients with Hip Fractures - Dr Minich
Prevention of Secondary Brain Injury - Dr Green
Organ Donation - Dr Green
Burns and Inhalational Injury - Dr Ganesh

Current Topics

Preoperative assessment of the older patient - Dr Aukland
Perioperative Management of Organ Donors - Dr Yasin
Right Ventricular Dysfunction - Dr Townsend
Perioperative Management of Patients with Valvular Heart Disease - Dr Hayes

Critical Incidents

Never Events CRQ - Dr Minich
Bone Cement Implantation Syndrome and
Fat Embolism Syndrome - Dr Minich

Local Anaesthetic Systemic Toxicity - Dr Lynes
Critical Incidents in Obstetrics - Dr Keown and Dr Wyatt
Anaphylaxis - Dr Bishop
Accidental Awareness under GA - Dr Bishop
Cardiac Arrest in Special Circumstances - Dr Lee
Malignant Hyperthermia and Susceptibility - Dr Lee

Summer Break and Hospital Rotations.
There was no Final FRCA Teaching in August.

Current Hot Topics

Anaesthesia and Cancer Outcomes - Dr Pairaudeau
Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear Incidents - Dr Chinery
Anaesthesia and Neurological Disorders in Pregnancy - Dr Groves

Current Hot Topics

Hyperthermia after Epidural Analgesia in Labour - Dr Lynes
Anaesthesia for Non-Obstetric Surgery in Pregnancy - Dr Lynes
Nutrition in Critical Care - Dr Smith
ICU Management of Acute Liver Failure - Dr Smith
Regional Anaesthesia in Patients at Risk of Bleeding - Dr Wyatt

Current Hot Topics

Update on Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy - Dr Elton
Venous Thromboembolism in Pregnancy - Dr Elton
Trauma in Pregnancy - Dr Conway
Perioperative Anaemia - Dr Stubbs
Endovascular Thrombectomy - Dr Molitor

Current Hot Topics

Pain afer Amputation - Dr Cox
Mediastinal Masses in Children - Dr Molitor
Anaesthesia for ECT - Dr Kisiala
Delirium in ICU - Dr Yip
Tetralogy of Fallot - Dr Tooley

Teaching on March 3rd was cancelled due to the delayed rotation this year.

There was a teaching session on February 24th at 2pm via Zoom only.
This was for written candidates to go through the answers to the mock paper.
Slides and resources were emailed after the session so won't be uploaded here.

Current Hot Topics

Answers to CRQs - Dr Minich
Post Operative Cognitive Dysfunction - Dr Minich
Oesophagectomy and CPET - Dr Molitor
Medical Statistics - Dr Minich

Paediatric Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia for the noncompliant child - Dr Thomson
Children with Heart Disease - Dr Grove and Dr Santana-Vaz
Fluid Balance: Case-Based Discussions - Dr Wooldridge
Anaesthetists called to Paediatric Emergencies - Dr Akhtar
Neonatal Physiology and Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia - Dr Keown

Current Hot Topics - Three

Paediatric Anxiety - Dr Santana-Vaz
Risk Stratification and Risk Scoring Systems - Dr Mistry
Perioperative Steroids - Dr Sallam
CRQ Practice - Dr Minich

Current Hot Topics - Two

Splenectomy - Dr Wooldridge
The Stress Response and ERAS - Dr Akhtar
Perioperative Management of Diabetes - Dr Quasim
CRQ and SBA Practice - Dr Minich

Current Hot Topics - One

Anaesthesia for Pneumonectomy - Dr Mistry
Minimally Invasive Surgery - Dr Sivapathasundararajah
General Anaesthesia in Obstetrics - Dr Bosworth
Diagnosis of Death by Neurological Criteria - Dr Smith
Donation after Circulatory Death - Dr Smith
Remifentanil PCA in Labour - Dr Lynes

Zoom Teaching Sessions

Sacrococcygeal Pain and the Anaesthetic Implications
of Spinal Cord Stimulators - Dr Cox

Zoom Teaching Sessions

The EEG in Anaesthesia - Dr Pairaudeau
CPET - Dr Madden

Zoom Teaching Sessions

Slides from July 1st
Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Facial Pain - Dr Cox
Paediatric Adenotonsillectomy - Dr Mayell
Haemostatic Disorders of Pregnancy - Dr Quasim
CRQ answers from July 1st

Slides from July 29th
Conversion of Labour Epidurals to Surgical Anaesthesia - Dr Patil
Anaesthesia for Hip Fractures - Dr Minich

Zoom Teaching Sessions

Anaesthesia for TIPSS - Dr Minich
Delayed Recovery following General Anaesthesia - Dr Minich


Teaching in April and May was cancelled in view of Covid-19.

Guidelines and Mock CRQ

AAGBI Guidelines Part One - Dr Burgess
AAGBI Guidelines: Patients who refuse blood - Dr Wyatt
AAGBI Guidelines: Controlled Drugs - Dr Wyatt
AAGBI Guidelines: Intraoperative Cell Salvage - Dr Wyatt
The Stress Response and Enhanced Recovery after Surgery - Dr Panesar

Critical Incidents

Anaphylaxis and NAP6 - Dr Lynes
Local Anaesthetic Systemic Toxicity - Dr Lynes
Massive Blood Loss - Dr May
Accidental Awareness under General Anaesthesia and NAP5 - Dr Panesar

Paediatric Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia for the Non-Compliant Child - Dr Bonham
Children with Heart Disease for Non-Cardiac Surgery - Dr Panesar
Paediatric Fluid Balance - Dr Wooldridge
Anaesthetist called to Paediatric Emergencies - Dr Yates and Dr Mistry

Regional Anaesthesia

Upper Limb Anatomy and Blocks - Dr Minich
Lower Limb Anatomy and Blocks - Dr Minich

Science Topics

Neonatal Physiology and changes at Birth - Dr Fairfield
Physiological Changes during Positioning for Surgery - Dr Mistry
Liver and Hepatic Metabolism - Dr Pallister
Hyperoxia - Dr Minich

Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia

Mechanical Cardiovascular Support - Dr Paige
Anaesthesia for Patients with Valvular Heart Disease - Dr Minns
Cardiac Arrest following Cardiac Surgery - Dr Minich
Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuit - Nick Fletcher (perfusionist)
One Lung Ventilation - Dr Ansari
Anaesthesia for Thoracic Surgery - Dr Minns

Obstetric Anaesthesia

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy - Dr Porter
Physiological Changes in Pregnancy and MBRRACE - Dr Sivapathasundararajah
Bleeding in Obstetrics and Cell Salvage - Dr Pallister
IUFD and Non-Obstetric Surgery in Pregnancy - Dr Werpachowska

Summer Break and Hospital Rotations.
There was no Final FRCA Teaching in August.

Emergency and Trauma Anaesthesia

Paediatric Trauma and Blood Transfusion - Dr Yates
Anaesthesia for Vascular Emergencies - Dr Balla
Anaesthesia for Emergency Laparotomies - Dr Minich

Challenging Science Topics and Mock VIVA/Written Practice

Physiology: Steroids - Dr Hares
Pharmacology: Antibiotics - Dr Whittingham
Physics: MRI and Surgical Diathermy - Dr Conway
Badly-answered Pharmacology Questions - Dr Sannakki